Most people overlook the benefits of having a drainage system in their yard and prioritize other aspects of their landscape design. Drainage systems are quite valuable to your lawn and landscape. Piping is buried under your yard to divert water away from any plant life so that excessive water does not cause any damage. Some homeowners may have more advance drainage systems installed that require a sump pump. Others use basic PVC pipes and gravity to do the trick. Drainage issues are more prone in areas of your yard that are too flat or yards that have dense, non-porous soil beneath them. A drainage system can ensure that any storm water and runoff can be channeled out of your lawn and landscape and into an area that won’t be damaged by excessive water.

How do you know if you need a drainage system?

Look for puddles of water and monitor to see if they are still present even when you have experienced many rainy days.

Causes of Drainage Issues

There are a few common causes for drainage issues. These include…

  • Poorly designed landscaping and architecture design that does not account for water flow and runoff.
  • Non-porous surface that results in standing water.
  • Flood prone areas with high water table locations and low elevations.

Installing a drainage system can help you decrease your risks of running into any major issues.

Benefits of a Drainage System

  • Keeps Soil from Eroding – Soil erosion occurs when excessive rain causes soil to be forcibly removed from your landscape into other areas of your yard. If you do not have an effective drainage system, erosion can lead to problems with your soil depth which can be harmful to your landscaping. Soil erosion can weaken the foundation of your home.
  • Keeps Your Plants Healthy – Soil erosion can be damaging to plants and trees as it takes away the nutrients they need to grow. Exposed tree roots can cause the tree to become unstable which makes them more susceptible to fall in bad weather. Drainage systems make sure that your plants are getting adequate water while redirecting any excess that could be harmful.
  • Prevents Standing Water – Standing water can cause a few issues. It can create slippery surfaces that are hazardous for people and pets to walk on. It is not pleasant to look at. Standing water can also drown your plants. But possibly the worst part about standing water is that it is a mosquito’s paradise. Standing water is also the perfect place for bacteria and parasites to grow which could pose a health risk for children and animals.
  • Protects Your Home from Water Damage – Lack of a proper drainage system isn’t just damaging to your landscape, it can also damage your home’s foundation. Heavy rain can cause water to flow throughout your yard rapidly. Without an effective drainage system in place, water can make its way through the cracks of your foundation. Not only does this harm your foundation but it can may also cause water to flood your basement.
  • Keeps Your Yard Looking Great! – Efficient drainage systems keep your yard from looking like a swamp.

Perimeter Drainage Solutions

If you’ve ever been unable to access areas of your yard as a result of standing water or excessive mud, you know how frustrating it can be. The lack of a sufficient drainage system in a frequented part of your yard like pathways and parking areas might also be inconvenient as it limits your ability to leave your home with ease. Perimeter drainage options, like trench systems, can ensure that those high trafficked areas are able to drain efficiently which can eliminate most of the problems associated with improper drainage.

Hiring the Right Professional to Install Your Drainage System

Using the wrong service provider could cost you which is why it’s important that you do your research and ask for customer feedback before you hire a professional to install your drainage system. You want to be sure that the landscaping service provider you choose has been properly trained and is experienced in the field. Ultimately, you want the best value for your investment.

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