Adding a concrete patio or walkway is one of the most common jobs we do for both residential and commercial properties. While parking lots and driveways are designed with vehicles in mind, sidewalks and walkways are created for pedestrians. Below we will discuss the common thickness, when you should consider reinforcing the walkway, and how you can get a dependable sidewalk that is sure to last. The majority of the time, when we pour a sidewalk, they are four inches thick. This is a more budget friendly option in comparison to thicker slabs while still being durable and able to handle the elements. The longevity is also based upon what the sidewalk is used for: limit it to foot traffic, bicycles, handcarts, or small wagons for best results.

Why Is Thickness Important?

While thickness is essential to having a lasting concrete walkway, this is not the only factor that you must take into consideration. Hiring a paving crew that is experienced and qualified, as well as using quality mixtures to ensure the smoothness and therefore the safety, is worth the investment. Trying to do it yourself to save money will take more time and you probably won’t have as good of results compared to if you hired a professional. It can be challenging to achieve that look without the proper tools and expertise. Once you have chosen a team that is reliable and is known for the quality of their work, you should talk to them about the two benefits that come with a thick sidewalk.

  • Durability – Walkways can be prone to chipping and cracking for more reasons than one, but especially when they are too thin. At Presentable Landscaping, we know how important a thick concrete slab is when it comes to durability and longevity. Our team will make sure that the entire walkway is at least four inches in depth. This slab will be able to hold up to heavy foot traffic and last for years to come with just a little bit of maintenance.
  • Appearance – Installing a thick concrete pathway will really transform your landscape. By creating a concrete path to your backyard, you will add a sense of togetherness that is safe and eye-catching. Sidewalks are useful at directing traffic while being low maintenance making them a great choice for commercial businesses.

Trusting a professional to tackle the job is a key factor in achieving the look you are hoping for. Our team won’t just pour out a slab of concrete and say the job is done. We take pride in the process. This includes planning, preparing the ground for the foundation, pouring the concrete, and then smoothing it to your preferred style. Getting a smooth surface can be difficult when you don’t invest in an experienced team of professionals.

Reinforcing Sidewalks: What Should You Use?

By implementing sealants and other reinforcement methods, you can lengthen the longevity of your sidewalk while improving its weight rating. These are services that you should ask your team about so that you can learn the most effective ways to protect your walkway from the lasting effects of heavy foot traffic and weather elements.

  • Rebar – In commercial construction projects, steel bars known as rebar, are used to reinforce concrete. When concrete is poured around a framework of rebar its weight rating increases. This is generally done in areas where heavy equipment will be used and rarely used in sidewalk construction projects.This reinforcement method comes with a price while also increasing the cost of maintenance expenses and repairs moving forward. Talk to your team of professionals if you anticipate driving equipment over your walkway routinely. If you have no intention of doing so, you probably won’t use it. In most situations, heavy use sidewalks are poured 8 inches in depth, and it is not often that they will require rebar reinforcement.
  • Expansion Joints – Cold winters can be hard on everything outdoors. The super low temperatures and annual freeze/thaw cycles can heighten the risk of cracks in your walkway. To avoid this, some have decided to add expansion joints and control joints. These lines will give the concrete space to expand while reducing the risk of cracking. Ask your professionals if this service is an option for your hardscapes.
  • Seal – A more commonly used technique is a sealer coat. Being under direct sunlight, heavy rain, and other uncontrollable elements can really have a negative effect on the surface of your sidewalk. This can reduce the amount of potholes, cracks, and other issues– ask your professionals how you can benefit from a sealed sidewalk.

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