As you walk into the hardware store, you might be a bit overwhelmed by the amount of hardscape options available. From concrete pavers and natural stone to retaining walls and permeable pavers— you’re left wondering which product will be best for your project. At Presentable Landscaping, we’re here to help you narrow down your options, plan your projects, and create the outdoor space you envisioned. New to Hardscape, Here are a Few Terms To Know…

Segmental Retaining Walls

Segmental retaining walls are formed without using mortar and are dependent on weight to create stability. These are relatively easy to install if you have an idea on how to do so. VERSA-LOK retaining wall systems provide you endless design options making them a great choice for any project. Using a standard unit, you are able to create curves, columns, corners, steps, and freestanding or retaining walls without needing special units. These come in a variety of colors and weathered texture options allowing you to get the look you want.


Plantable Wall Blocks

Plantable wall blocks are a new trend. The plantable core in the retaining wall block is used to create a living wall. Plantable wall blocks will provide you with a retaining wall that is filled with the natural beauty similar to a hanging garden.


Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are a more durable and affordable option in comparison to brick. Concrete pavers come in numerous shapes and colors. They can be used for patios, driveways, walkways, or as an accent to poured concrete. Shapes like brick stone, cobblestone, circle stone, and slate stone are among the most popular choices. These come in several weathered textures and in many colors.


Permeable Pavers

Permeable Pavers are the perfect solution for storm water control. Rain water is able to pass through permeable pavers to the ground below naturally so that you don’t have any standing water. Rain water will not be diverted to storm water drains or even up in a creek or river. Some watershed districts off grants to property owners who complete projects that will improve the water quality. There are a few requirements to qualify but one is permeable pavers.


Flagstone / Natural Stone

Flagstone and natural stone refers to quarried stone like limestone, granite, or basalt that can be used for walkways, stepping stones, steps, and other landscape features. You can use river rock as a decorative ground cover surrounding shrubs or for other things like fire pits. Boulders are often used for walls or as design focus. Pea gravel can be used as a base for patios and pathways or to help with drainage. Crushed gravel serves as a base rock, filler, or as a top coat for driveways and walkways.

No matter which hardscape you choose, it will improve the aesthetics of your home while adding value to your home and making your space more functional.

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