Early fall is a prime part of the season for preparing your home and yard for upcoming winter storms. The following are 5 important things to check and schedule this fall…

Own a Business? Who Will Remove Snow and Ice For You This Winter?

Depending on your background, you may or may not give much thought to the area of Risk Management. If you own, manage, or operate your own business, however, it’s important that you consider such factors. New-fallen snow can be a beautiful sight but to a business owner, it requires immediate action. You have to keep your employees, and suppliers safe by clearing the parking lots and sidewalks. So, having early removal causes you to reduce the risk of slips and injuries. No business owner wants a lawsuit. It is a good idea to plan if you wait until the storms are forecast you may not be able to make the necessary arrangements for the snow removal.

Own A Home? Don’t Want To Shovel Snow?

Snow and ice removal is a major hassle and an unfortunate fact of life for those of us who live in northern climates. Let us do the heavy work. Same your back and prevent yourself or someone in you family from hurting or overexerting themselves.

Trim the Trees and Bushes

Thin out the branches to reduce the “sail effect” when those high winter winds blow. Trimming can also balance out the tree’s load and keep one side from being heavier than the other, a condition that may topple the tree.

Check Your Drainage

Nothing can ruin your property and it’s buildings quicker than poor drainage. Make sure you your debris filters, downspout drains, dry creeks, french drains, ponds, trench drains, catch basins, and more are in order before the snow.

Protect the Water Pipes

If you have unoccupied rooms in your building make sure you keep the temperature at least 45 degrees so the water pipes do not freeze.

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