Whether you live in the North or the South, on the East coast or West, you can enjoy your outdoor living spaces all year long with a few simple tricks. The following improvements will help you get the most out of your outdoor space despite the time or season.

Install a Fire Feature

Whether it be a fireplace, fire pit or table, patio heater, or chimney, adding a fire feature can help you maximize your time outdoors. Sip hot chocolate late into the fall, create a mosquito barrier, or make s’mores with the family— fire features create a cozy feel year round.

Add an Outdoor Cooking Space

There’s something about the taste of food off the grill. By adding a space that is dedicated to the grill and can be easily accessed from the kitchen inside, you can enjoy the taste of summer all year. You may even consider a complete outdoor kitchen.

Retaining and Seat Walls Using Pavers or Stone

Professionals and homeowners prefer pavers in most cases because they are easy to install and allow you to create curves, columns, and corners to get the look you envision. Retaining and seat walls make the perfect addition to any back yard and will help you maximize your space.

Add Lighting

Lighting helps you enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space while making them safer for you and your guests on those late nights. You can opt for low voltage lights placed on walls and structures or down lights to highlight walkways. Want to create a cozy ambiance? String lights from your deck or patio or around a tree.

Interlocking Paving Stone Patio

Interlocking paving stone patios can absorb heat faster than poured concrete patios or wood decks. In the winter months, this can be useful in making snow melt faster. Pavers allow the water from rain or snow to pass down to the ground below, helping you to avoid patches of ice and puddles. Because of their texture, pavers tend to be more slip resistant in comparison to concrete patios.

Purchase Outdoor Furniture That Can Be Used All Year

You will want to purchase furniture that is low maintenance but that looks good. Adding cushions and throw pillows will create a sense of warm and comfort on cool nights.

Add a Shelter

Shelters can be used to add shade or take cover from the elements. Select a pergola, awning, oversized umbrella, or other patio coverings for patio and decks that provide shade and protect you from bad weather.

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