Did you know that trees are the longest living organism on Earth? As an essential part of a healthy environment, you should do your part to properly care for the trees in your yard. Keeping them alive and beautiful can only help make your landscape look better while complimenting the aesthetics of your home. The following are tips on how you can have your trees maintained and cared for…. 

Tend to Dead or Diseased Trees

Old trees that are dying or disease-ridden can tarnish the overall look of your landscape. Once they have reached this point, it is usually best to hire a professional to have them removed. This will help liven up your yard and allow more space for new plants to grow.

Thin Your Tree Crowns

If your tree canopies are dense, crown thinning is a great choice. By reducing the amount of branches and foliage in the canopy, you will allow more sunlight to pass through which will help promote healthy growth of the plants beneath the tree. This can also decrease the number of branches that fall into your yard which will make maintaining your yard in the fall and winter easier.

Remove Old Tree Stumps

Tree stumps can make your lawn and landscape look rough and unfinished. Having tree stumps professionally removed can make a big difference in the appearance of your yard.

Proper Tree Care

It is important to know how to care for and maintain the trees in your yard to keep them healthy and beautiful. . Proper maintenance can vary from species to species so do your research. If you are unsure, trust the professionals at Keeping It Green to supply you with the information you need to better understand the needs of your trees. Basic tree maintenance includes: watering, mulching, pruning, inspecting for insects and disease, and removing weeds near the base of the tree.

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