If you were to search the internet about Paver Patios you may find some misconceptions about them where the whole picture isn’t fully shown. Maybe concrete companies who lay concrete patios have larger marketing budgets and want to discourage paver patios! 🙂 We’re not sure by we have laid many paver patios for customers over the years and see them as an excellent option for homeowners who want to spruce up their landscaping and outdoor living spaces. With every decision there are good things and bad things that result so the following is our attempt to layout the pros and cons of paver patios…  

Paver Patios Are Durable and Can Last a Long Time

“Pavers” are stones made from concrete, clay brick, or natural stone. A pro can lay them out in an assortment of colors and patterns that enhance the look of your outdoor project. The pieces interlock and are a true patio pavement system that don’t crack or break usually because of the interlocking of the pavers. An actual paver’s durability is 3 times stronger than most concrete foundations. You can pick a paving stone product that has a lifetime warranty against breaking. Try to think of a driveway or patio made of concrete that has been around a while that doesn’t have some cracks in it. Most pavers are colored all the way through so chips and marks won’t leave most pavers looking bad. A new trend is colored concrete but the color can fade in 2-3 years time.

Paver Patios Can Take a Bit Longer to Install and Have a Front Loaded Cost

Paver patios can take up to 3 days or so for an experienced crew to lay where concrete can be poured in a couple of hours and given a couple days to cure. It is a process but to our eye, paver patios have a much better look after they are completed than concrete patios. The process is that the dirt and grass needs to be removed first. Then the subsoil must be leveled properly. The next step is the gravel and then the sand. Then the pavers are laid and the joints are filled with sand. Finally you clean and seal the paver patio. The initial cost of a paver patio can be more than colored and stamped concrete but the overall maintenance will be less since it won’t have to be recolored every 3 years or so.

Professionally Installed Paver Patios Are Better In Climates With Harsh Winters

Since pavers can flex a bit during freezing and thawing, they will not crack like concrete. Having a paver patio installed by a professional who doesn’t cut corners is the most important part of selecting a paver patio installation for your yard.

Polymer Sand Prevents Weeds From Taking Root

Over 10 years ago one of the problems with paver patios was potential weeds growing in the seams if the pavers weren’t properly maintained or installed. Polymer sand has come to the rescue and has almost entirely eliminates this problem for paver patios. Make sure a professional paver patio layer uses polymer sand and installs the paver joints properly so you can eliminate future weed problems.

Paver Patios Are Low Mainteance

Reapply sealer as directed and just sweep or blow debris off the patio surface as needed. You can clean pavers with soap and water for most spills. There are cleaners available to help you with food, oil, grease, and rust stains. If you have a problem underneath a set of pavers, they can be pulled up and laid back down by a professional pretty easily. Cracked concrete or problems under slabs will cost many headaches and dollars.

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