You might be quick to assume that spring clean is important because it makes your property look more appealing. While that does factor into its importance, the positive impact spring clean-up has on the health of your landscape is important too. Trimming, pruning, and fertilizing your plants are essential to keeping them alive and growing. Mulch helps to eliminate weeds and keeps the roots cool as summer temperatures begin to drift in. Removing fallen leaves and branches allows your grass to grow healthy and strong. Landscape is a big investment that you want to protect so it is important that you take preventative measures and maintain your grounds appropriately. The following are a few things you might consider adding to your spring maintenance to-do list…


March is when fertiziling begins. Our team will apply a fertilizer and pre-emergent and post-emergent weed killer which has been successful at preventing the growth of crabgrass and attacking weeds that are beginning to grow in.


People often forget the difference new mulch can make. It is the icing on the cake and can make a world of difference in your landscaping. Green grass and dark mulch just seem to go better. At Presentable Landscaping, we like to start applying new mulch in March as long as the weather allows. We use dark color-enriched mulch. This mulch lasts longer without noticeable fading so you might be able to avoid having new mulch applied in the Fall – which means more money in your pocket. When mulch is piled too high around trees and shrubs, it can result in insect infestation, disease, and rotting so our team makes sure to use just the right amount of mulch.

Remove and Replace Trees and Shurbs

Remove and replace shrubbery and/or trees that died or that are out of control and blocking windows or signs. Spring is the last opportunity for dormant pruning of trees and plants before they return to life.

Remove and Replace Plants

Remove and replace plants that are in bad shape or dead. April and May provide ideal conditions for planting. Pansy and violas that were planted in the fall probably need some help; deheading and adding new mulch around them could be the solution. However, after a harsh winter, you might need to replace them instead to keep your property looking fresh and inviting. These will beautify your landscape until it is time to plant summer annuals.

Repair or Replace Damaged Areas

Repair or replace damaged areas that occurred over the winter as a result of snow, snow removal, and salt. Snow removal can be hard on grass. Areas of turf and sidewalk that were damaged by salt might need to be replaced. For this reason, it is important to look into landscape-friendly ice melt products versus traditional salt.

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