Retaining walls allow you to add a driveway, garden or patio where there was once a hill. The retaining wall keeps the land below them from sliding down the hill and covering your driveway, garden, patio, or some other feature of your landscaping. Retaining walls turn hills into plateaus and slow heavy rainfall that could otherwise cause floods, erosion, or some other damage to your property. The plateaus created by retaining walls will also allow you to walk, play, plant, or rest on them. 

Some Reasons You May Need a Retaining Wall

  • Your home is on top of a hill and you don’t have a enough flat, usable land for your project.
  • Your home is at the bottom of a hill and you need to prevent flooding.
  • You want to have a way into your basement that is currently below the land that lays beside your basement.
  • You want to build a pool or garden or patio in an area where there is currently a hill.

Popular Types of Retaining Walls

Gravity Retaining Walls

Gravity retaining walls depend on their own weight and any soil resting on the concrete, stone, or block to hold back the earth on the other side.They are generally economical up to 10 feet in height. These walls are created on site.

Cantilever Retaining Walls

Cantilever retaining walls are constructed of reinforced concrete and the base is divided into two parts, the heel and toe. The heel is the part of the base under the backfield and the toe is the other part of the base. These types of retaining walls require more design and careful construction. Usually best for walls up to 25 feet in height. These walls are sometimes precast. Many concrete walls then have a veneer of stone or block added for aesthetics

Counterfort Retaining Walls

Counterfort retaining walls are similar to cantilever walls except they have thin vertical concrete webs (counterforts) at regular intervals along the backside of the wall. Usually best for walls above 25 feet in height. These walls are sometimes precast or formed on site. Many concrete walls then have a veneer of stone or block added for aesthetics.

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