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Many homeowners use backyard decks to define their outdoor space and provide an ideal location for entertaining, relaxing, or barbecuing. Decks improve a home’s value and add a significant improvement to a homeowner’s quality of life. You need to know how to approach an aging deck. While some older decks can be restored through new boards, hardware, and finish, other backyard decks are beyond saving. The following are some signs that the damage to your backyard deck will require replacement instead of restoration…

Deck Foundation Damage

Most decks sit on strong posts set into concrete or simply anchored deep in the ground. Over time, the movement of water around the base of the deck can wear away the earth around each post. Signs that the foundations are suffering include sagging boards, sinking footings, and detachment from the house. If you notice rot or termite damage on the beams you need to call for a deck replacement at once. You may need to replace the deck completely in order to redesign how the posts anchor into the ground below them.

Sagging or Wobbling Deck

Sagging indicates that the structure beneath those damaged boards is deterioration. You may notice boards are sagging or worse, the platform wobbles when you step out into it.

Corrosion of Fasteners and Connectors On Deck

Nails, screws, and metal connectors will begin to rust over time. Rust and other signs of corrosion can weaken the overall structure of your deck. Where two pieces of wood go together in the deck’s construction a metal part must fuse them in place. The deck may be rotting if you notice missing metal components or that nails and screws keep coming loose.

Unstable Deck Railings

Instability can affect the top of a deck just as much as the support framework. Railings that lean outward or that wobble when touched pose a safety hazard. Check where the railings attach to the deck. If you find soft or warped wood, you may need to replace the entire deck rather than just the railings.

Signs of Widespread Deck Damage

Signs of rot include wood or even vinyl that is soft to the touch. While some fading or stains won’t affect a deck’s performance, the widespread discoloration can indicate serious underlying issues. Some spilled substances, such as harsh cleaning chemicals, automotive fluids, and cooking grease can corrode the deck’s finish and material over time. Another cause of widespread damage to decks is termites. If you notice they have invaded one part of your deck it is possible that they have burrowed further into the wood where you cannot see their marks.

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