Commercial landscaping is more than filling garden beds with pretty flowers and mowing lawns. The following are what you should expect from your commercial landscape maintenance contract…


People often forget the difference new mulch can make. It is the icing on the cake and can make a world of difference in your landscaping. Green grass and dark mulch just seem to go better. At Presentable Landscaping, we like to start applying new mulch in February as long as the weather allows. We use dark color-enriched mulch. This mulch lasts longer without noticeable fading so you might be able to avoid having new mulch applied in the Fall– which means more money in your pocket. When mulch is piled too high around trees and shrubs, it can result in insect infestation, disease, and rotting so our team makes sure to use just the right amount of mulch.

Lawn Edging

While many people still do not edge their lawns, the difference of an edged lawn versus one that has not been edge is remarkable. Edging creates the impression of a tidy lawn. At Presentable Landscaping, we create a two and a half inch, 90 degree edge around your landscaped flower beds and sidewalks. We will also clean up leaves and debris that might be damaging your plants by making them more susceptible to diseases and/or an insect infestation.

Plant Fertilization

Winter can be hard on all the living things. Plant fertilization is vital to your plants’ health and plays a big role in keeping your landscaping looking lively. Our fertilization treatment provides your plants with the nutrients they need as well as an emergent herbicide that will work to keep those pesky weeds away.

Prune and Cut Back Plants

Prune and cut back perennials and perennial grasses when they aren’t growing. Remove any plants that grow on wood like roses to allow for new growth. These tasks climb the list of priorities as they are an essential part of healthy growth– allowing air flow and sunlight to reach the plants. In some instances, structural tree pruning might be done. This is if the tree is showing signs that it is not receiving adequate air or sunlight near the crowns of budding trees.

Lawn Cleanup

When your lawn is filled with debris and clutter, it ruins the curb appeal of your entire property making it unattractive and ignored. Trust our team to get rid of any fallen leaves that survived the winter weather conditions. We collect them and then use a mulching mower to grind them into an organic mulch that will provide nutrients to your lawn. We will also remove branches that broke during the winter and contributed to the mayhem. These two things will help bring your lawn back to life.

Property Inspection

Winter can be rough on everything that remains outdoors. Parking blocks can become damaged from being hit with snow plows, signs become bent and worn, sidewalks and other concreted areas might begin to deteriorate after being salted and shoveled. While some contracts don’t, we include a property inspection in your package. Our team will make note of changes and signs of damage then relay the information to you or your property manager. While the list may not all pertain to landscaping, we feel it is our duty to be the eyes of your property and we want to keep you satisfied.

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