You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. While this phrase usually refers to people, it also applies to houses. The exterior of your home offers visitors and passersby their first hint at the people who live inside, so why not make it truly awesome. The first things seen are the driveway and walkways. These hardscape features can either frame your yard to its benefit or to its detriment. The following are a few ways to add curb appeal with your driveway and walkways…

Improve Drainage With Swales

If the land on one or both sides of your driveway slopes down toward the driveway landscaping; swales may be the right drainage solution. A swale is a shallow depression that is wider than it is deep. Creating a swale along one or both sides of your driveway will provide a place for storm-water to collect and re-enter the groundwater. They will also keep any water draining off the hillside from flowing down your driveway and flooding your garage or home. Swales can be landscaped to look like a creek bed with river rock and water-loving plants. Or add a strip of greenery to filter the water and help it soak back into the ground. The flowers or greenery will add to the curb appeal of your front yard and driveway.


Take Your Concrete Driveway Up a Notch

Your driveway is one of the biggest features of your home’s exterior and one of the first things many people will see upon arriving. For this reason, it benefits your entire property to have a beautiful driveway that enhances the space. If your driveway is already poured and you want to dress it up a little, you could add a simple border without breaking the bank. Stamped concrete borders give a finished look to the whole thing but don’t require the cost of replacing the entire driveway. If you must replace the driveway remember it does not have to be boring gray. Colors and textures can be incorporated in modern concrete mixes. Stamped concrete in simulated geometric shapes and faux stone materials are available.


Change the Shape of Your Driveway

Most homeowners assume that short and straight is the only shape a driveway has. There’s no hard-and-fast rule that your driveway must be a perfectly straight line, though. Depending on the size and shape of your yard and the placement of the garage, you could take this opportunity to have some fun. A gentle curve or straight angle that sweeps toward the garage or parking area can breathe new life into your entire landscape plan. If you have a larger lot, consider creating a more dramatic look with a curved driveway entrance or even a horseshoe shape can improve the look of your home.


Decorative Driveway

Instead of drawing attention to the hardscape features as people arrive, you could go the opposite route. Replace it with pavers or brick and even allow greenery to grow around it. The impact would be much smaller and people will be able to focus more on the rest of your landscaping. Adding a masonry column, statue, or small tower at the edges of your driveway maximizes curb appeal. Flank the sides of your driveway with a brick column or statue, add your house numbers, or even your mailbox. The effect is major.

When you are ready to add curb appeal and home value to your property, take a look at the forgotten area of your driveway. A few small updates can make a big difference.

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