Retaining walls can be made to suit your needs while adding a bit of creativity into the mix. As a durable and versatile hardscape, retaining walls can transform your yard while adding functionality. However, it is important that you choose the right materials and professionals to get the job done effectively. At Presentable Landscaping, we will work with you to create a design that fits your space and bring that plan to life.

What To Expect When Adding Brick, Pavers, or Stone Retaining Walls

  • Add support for soil when the terrain is uneven or sloped.
  • Take steps to prevent erosion.
  • Create a path that directs people, water, and more in order to avoid compaction and flooding.
  • Make you landscape maintenance easier while reducing your maintenance expenses.
  • Keep your property from becoming damaged as a result of heavy traffic and erosion.
  • Create a level surface that can be used for activities and outdoor living.

Using construction hoists to build your retaining wall allows you to create a customized plan that is sure to add value to your home. Choosing design, materials, and installing the wall requires an experienced professional. More goes into building a retaining wall than selecting the color of the materials and the size of the wall you want to build. Professionals must assess the soil weight and the pressure that can form behind the wall before finalizing decisions.

Creating a Plan

When you decide to add a retaining wall, there are a few things that you must consider including what the final product will look like and what you will use to construct it. There are a plethora of material choices and styles available on the market making it easier to find the right materials to suit the style of your space. Options like wooden timbers, concrete pavers, bricks, and stones are popular for homeowners nationwide– natural stone and concrete paver being the top two. These remain top on the list as they have a timeless look that can suit many different styles whether you are looking for something more upscale or prefer a rustic, farmhouse vibe. Retaining walls can come in a variety of designs. Some homeowners choose to stick to traditional straight runs, modern design calls for curves and stylish patterns. Using trendy materials and proper installation, your retaining wall will become an attractive design feature. We suggest using wire piezometers to get a more accurate measurement and hydrological aspects of water supply, as well as constructing the wall underground to aid in a perfected finish product.

What’s the Purpose of Your Retaining Wall?

  • Prevent Erosion – Most people invest in retaining walls to keep soil in place. If your yard is not even, natural movement of wind and water can cause the topsoil to shift. By installing a retaining wall or several, you can prevent the soil from eroding.
  • Create a Defined Space – Walls are useful for creating space all around them. Use your retaining walls as well as paved walkways to develop a natural flow of foot traffic and separate areas that you may not want guests frequenting, such as your garden or flower beds. Use your creativity as the guiding force to create multiple outdoor spaces with retaining walls.
  • Add Seating for Guests – Low hardscape walls not only create defined spaces but they also create additional seating for guests. By surrounding your patio and other entertaining areas with low walls you will expand your entertainment area.
  • Landscaping that Stands Out – Uneven lawns can be difficult to landscape. By installing a retaining wall, you are able to expand your landscaping. D2 Landscaping can work with you as you create the perfect yard and landscape at an affordable rate.

Benefits of a Hardscape Wall

A well-placed and properly put together retaining wall will add value to your home. Benefits of hardscape walls include…

  • Adding Functionality to Your Space – By defining certain areas of your backyard and creating a level ground for activities and entertaining you can increase the appeal and value of your home. These definite spaces make your yard more functional.
  • Low Maintenance – When installed correctly, retaining walls are easy to maintain. Not only are the walls themselves easy to maintain but they also make keeping up with your lawn and landscape easier as well.
  • Versatile – Whether you choose straight walls or curved, the use of colors and textures on a well planned out wall will make your home more appealing.
  • Better for the Earth – Retaining walls will make your space look better but they also benefit the soil around them and help with proper water drainage.

Leave the Work to the Professionals

Creating a safe and secure retaining wall requires knowledge and skill. Ensuring that the wall will remain in position takes the engineering know-how and equipment necessary for moving dirt and blocks. Should you secure one paver to the next or can you build the wall in individual stacks? Not something you can risk being wrong about. To create a visually appealing, sturdy wall requires dedicating your time, resources, and energy. If you are considering adding a retaining wall, you can be sure that it is worth the investment as it will positively add to your home.

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