Many people choose to design their own landscape to save money. But did you know that many times hiring a professional landscape designer can actually save not only money but also time? For the designer, this is a whole new way to offer their talents in the market by working as a resource for design ideas, construction techniques, and industry connections. For the DIY enthusiast, working with a professional designer will improve the project outcome. Whether you are going to develop a project all on your own or if you are going to leave it entirely to a professional we would like to give some reasons that your project can get a leg up on success by working with the expertise of a professional landscape designer.

Understanding Your Site

A thorough inventory and analysis of the site are important to determine the environmental conditions for plant growth and the best use of the site. Issues of concern include the soil type, topography, and regional climate. The type of soil determines the nutrients and moisture available to the plants. It is always best to use plants that will thrive in the existing soil. Every parcel of land is unique. A professional landscaper designer will have the skill to understand the macrocosm that will dictate the final product.

Developing a Landscape Design

While color and texture add interest and richness to a design, it is mass, form, and ine that is critical to organizing space and providing structure. Landscape designers have loads of ideas. Their training, experience and industry expertise is a unique talent of their profession.

Narrowing Down the Options for the Landscaping Design

Once there is a clear analysis of the project site, it is possible to come up with conceptual design ideas to contemplate. The landscape architect or designer will use images and drawings to walk you through the design ideas and layout. He or she will begin with a concept or an inspiration and an explanation of the major ideas and layout, supported by more detailed drawings. The pro often will present one overall scheme for the design as a concept-level plan and then show additional options, such as material choices, types of plants, and layout schemes for major site elements for specific areas.

Planning the Landscape Construction

Sometimes it’s not even about idea generation, it’s about knowing what is possible. By working with a professional landscape designer you can be assured that what is designed will be able to be developed and sustained. It’s important to not only be able to design beautiful landscaping, but it is also important to know if it is being done properly.

Staying Within Your Landscaping Budget

We all want to save money, but understanding what things cost is half the battle to stay on budget. A professional landscape designer understands not only the cost of plants but also the time to complete the project. A professional will be able to provide a project budget and guide you through the pricing so you can determine whether you want to build the whole project at once or if you’d like to spread it out over the course of a few years.

Giving You Peace of Mind

Hiring a professional landscape designer will give you peace of mind. One of the real benefits of working with a professional landscaper designer in the design development process is in having this person stick with you through the construction phase. By hiring a professional you won’t have to worry about the thousands of details that the designer will take care of for you. Like, what plants do best in the shade and sun or how do you pitch a patio so it won’t send rainwater into the basement? Having your designer close at hand or as your project manager will ensure that you capitalize on the opportunity and minimize any unforeseen pitfalls.

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